Dr. Chala Erko Arganea

06 / May / 20

Chala holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics, University of Leipzig, Germany. He has also conducted a post graduate study at the Centre for Rural Development/SLE, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. Chala has over two decades of experience in the areas of Project Management & Rural Development. His invaluable experience is in the coffee subsector of Ethiopia and East Africa which includes supports to producers and exporters. His work as a Fair Trade Social auditor in East Africa and Liaison Officer for Ethiopia and North Africa has given him unique opportunties to involve in the development and support of various agricultural value chains. Chala worked for the government of Ethiopia, Ministry of Coffee & Tea Development as a Farm Management Team Leader and an International NGO (Welthungerhilfe) as a Deputy Regional Manager. He also supported national and international organisations as a consutlant in the areas of project evaluation, capacity building, enhancing PPP and market linkage. From 2012 onwards he has undertaken consultancy assignments from various local and international organisations. Assignments from German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval), GIZ, the World Bank, GFA Consult, Berenschot consult, Triodios Facet Bank and ILRI among others. Chala is well versed with policies and procedures of various donors including the EU, USAID and BMZ. Furthermore, his knowledge of the legal and policy environment of the Government of FDRE and his very good network provides him unique chances to succeed in his assignments.