Daphne van Geffen

16 / Aug / 20

In the capacity as Program Director at IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative Daphne van Geffen is responsible for their Coffee program, and active in Asia, Latin America and East-Africa. In this role she works with both public and private parties in the global coffee sustainability arena. Prior to joining IDH in May 2020, she worked in Commodity banks and in consultancy, specialised in Soft Commodity finance.

She started her career at ING Bank as Trainee International Division in 1987 and from 1990-2000 she worked at Bank Mees & Hope/MeesPierson in Trade & Commodity Finance, managing the Coffee/Cocoa desk in Amsterdam.

From Daphe worked 2000 as an independent consultant and interim manager and from 2013-2019 she was the specialist in structured inventory financing of Coffee and Cocoa worldwide with ABNAmro Amsterdam, New York and Singapore.

Daphne has a degree at the University of Amsterdam and a MBA certificate Sustainability & Systemic Change at Nyenrode University.