Gender Equality Analysis – Colombia Coffee Sector

The new study “Gender Equity Analysis in Colombian’s Coffee Sector” gathered different views of 100 men and women dedicated to coffee growing, 46 representatives of technical teams and five executives from Carcafé, ECOM, National Federation of Coffee Growers, RGC and Expocafe. In one of its main recommendations, the research suggests designing gender equity strategies directed to all the members of the family and not only to women.

The analysis shed a light on understanding gender relations, social representations, stereotypes and ways of valuing feminine and masculine features in the sector. Additionally, the document highlights the gender equity practices of the partner organizations participating in the study and gives recommendations on integrating the gender approach into Colombian coffee sector’s organizations.


Finally, the study becomes a reference to agree on specific objectives of the 2020 agendas of both the Global Coffee Platform and the Sustainable Trade Platform, as well as inspiration to support gender mainstreaming strategies within the sector. The results of this research were shared with representatives of 30 Colombian organizations in the coffee sector in different Colombian regions: Huila, Magdalena, Nariño, Santander and Risaralda.

During the meeting, some concrete actions were defined towards the inclusion of the gender approach in the coffee production. Next year, the Sustainable Trade Platform together with the interested partners will design and test training workshops on gender mainstreaming based on these proposals.

The research is an initiative from the Global Coffee Platform carried out in Colombia through Solidaridad in its role as technical secretariat of the Sustainable Trade Platform. Its development consisted in the elaboration of workshops, focus groups and interviews in five regions of the country.

The document is also available in Spanish – Download the study here

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