Training on Climate Smart Agriculture

05 / Dec / 17

19 / Jan / 21

Training on Climate Smart Agriculture

Organizer: Global Coffee Platform (GCP)

Type: Training

Location: Hamburg, Germany

If you are one of those coffee actors interested in or working on sustainability aspects in the coffee supply chain, this is the workshop you were looking for.Who should participate? Any coffee actor is welcome to participate. We will start covering the basics around climate change issues in coffee so no existing knowledge and / or experience is needed. If you have experience in the topic you are more than welcome to enrich the discussion. This training will support you in (further) defining interventions at producer level and in developing / sharpening your own climate change strategy.Register now! (see costs below)Date: 5th December 2017 – 9:30 Location: Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei Kehrwieder 5 – 20457 – Hamburg The training will be held in English. Objectives of the training Interactive discussions and group work sessions will allow you:

  • To learn about the Collective Action Network “Climate Smart Agriculture”
  • To gain an understanding on climate change issues in the coffee sector
  • To learn about practical interventions on producer level
  • To learn how to develop a climate change strategy for your organization

Topics that will be covered Climate Change in the coffee sector

  • Impacts of climate change on coffee production
  • Impacts of coffee production on climate change
  • Relevant actors and sources of information

Climate change adaptation at producer level (case study Trifinio)

  • Potential adaptation practices and challenges as encountered by the Initiative for coffee & climate in the Trifinio region

Strategy development at company level

  • How to approach the topic
  • Where to look for information
  • Who to involve
  • How to define targets and scope


09:30 – Welcome and Introduction

  • Welcome of participants
  • Introduction to the GCP Collective Action Network Climate Smart Agriculture

10:00 – Climate Change in the Coffee SectorInput presentation and discussion

  • General overview on the global phenomenon of climate change
  • Impacts of climate change on the coffee sector
  • Greenhouse gas emissions in the coffee sector

11:15 – Case study Trifinio (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) – focus on the production level

Input presentation and group work (by the Initiative for coffee&climate)

  • Examples of climate change adaptation practices
  • Capacity building approach
  • Results and lessons learned

13:45 – Strategy development – focus on the company level

Input presentation, plenary discussion, group work

  • Elements and approaches to develop a strategy on climate change at company level
  • Identifying climate change challenges along the supply chain (defining targets and scope)
  • Internal structures for a successful climate change strategy
  • Information sources around climate change and coffee
  • Implementing climate change interventions

15:30 – Strategy development continued

16:30 – Plenary discussion

17:30 – FinishTrainers Kerstin Linne I Green Line Consulting has been working on climate change in the coffee sector since 2008. Based in Bremen she has developed and supported many climate change initiatives along the coffee belt. For further information see: Michael Opitz is Managing Director and Stine Albrecht is Program Manager at of Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS), HRNS is the implementing agent of the Initiative for coffee&climate (c&c). Since 2010, c&c implements its vision to enable coffee farmers worldwide to adapt to climate change. For further information see: www.coffeeandclimate.orgCostsParticipation fee for GCP members: 90 Euro

Participation fee for non-members: 120 Euro


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