How can I scale up CSA? – CSA Learning Series

19 / Jul / 18

24 / Nov / 20

How can I scale up CSA? – Learning Series

Module 4: How can I scale up CSA?

Would you like to ensure that your coffee trading, roasting or retail business is doing all that it can to become climate resilient?

Supply chain resilience is imperative to a sustainable supply of coffee — which is why we need to understand how climate change is affecting supply chains and to adopt innovative ways of scaling up Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) at origin.

The Global Coffee Platform and the Feed the Future Alliance for Resilient Coffee have partnered to make a wealth of information available to the coffee sector. Come and join this exceptional learning series to:

This premier online Learning Series delivered by an array of industry, supply chain, and climate change experts, will help you to:

  • Understand how climate change is currently affecting supply chains, and the prognosis for the future
  • Plan, implement, and scale effective Climate Smart Agriculture initiatives, using tested tools and techniques
  • Assess your supply chain risks at the farm, landscape and regional level, and monitor the impact of your actions
  • Convey to others in your company the value of collectively (or individually) investing in CSA
  • Align your actions with other stakeholders at origin

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The next modules and their corresponding dates are:

  • 27th September. Module 5: How do I know if my investment in CSA is working?
  • 25th October. Module 6: How can I convince my company and others to invest in climate change?
  • 8th November. Module 7: How can collaboration work? Bringing action to origin! part 1
  • 6th December. Module 7: How can collaboration work? Bringing action to origin! part 2