Climate Smart Agriculture Webinar II

21 / Sep / 17

24 / Nov / 20

Climate Smart Agriculture Webinar II

Organizer: Global Coffee Platform (GCP)

Type: Webinar The Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) second webinar will introduce two exciting topics. Take a look at the agenda:
– How Collective Action Networks contribute to achieving goals
– Introduction of two focus topics.

1) Enabling investments
for coffee climate smart farming
Guest speaker: Kealy Sloan, Sustainable Food Lab

2) Climate risk and impact on investments
– How to get involved in a Collective Action Network

Climate change is putting coffee production and the livelihoods of coffee
farmers and their families around the world at risk. Changes in temperature and
rainfall, as well as extreme weather events directly impact coffee quality and
productivity levels.
The Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Collective Action Network seeks to define
and prioritize most pressing issues and actions to be taken, and scale CSA
learnings to support farmers in adapting more rapidly and widely.