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Kenya in 2020

Exchange and education to take centre stage in Kenya’s coffee sector 

The Kenyan platform will be actively seeking to promote networking, dialogue and knowledge sharing both across the Kenyan sector and across the region. Through strategic events and interaction, Kenya plans to embrace innovation and active participation from all stakeholders, as the country moves towards coffee sustainability. 


“Kenya leads in consistently producing high quality and getting relatively premium prices for the coffee. But the benefits have not been shared with farmers. The challenge now is ensuring that we grow more quality more efficiently; the Kenya Coffee Sustainability Manual  is a great step in this direction and training and teaching with the manual will be the focus of much of our work.”

- George Watene, Country Coordinator - Kenya

Kenya's Forecast for 2020: 

  • 250 to be trained on National Sustainability Curriculum
  • 5 counties to host Coffee Field Days
  • 100 cooperatives to start reporting to the Cooperative Data Management System
  • 1 new digital tool for data collection to be launched
  • 2 regional exchange visits to take place
  • 5 power breakfasts to take place
  • 1 Economic Viability Study - Recommendations to be followed up.