Post-harvest technologies workshop impacted 40 key leaders in Vietnam

Post-harvest technologies workshop impacted 40 key leaders in Vietnam

During the last days of March, the Country Platform in Vietnam cooperated with the Vietnam Sustainable Agricultural Transformation Project (VnSat) by organizing a workshop on strengthening the connection between farmer organizations and and post-harvest technologies. The workshop was organized in Bao Loc City, and engaged more than 40 participants from the Department of Agricultural & Rural Development (DARD), National Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance Department (NAFIQUAD), Farmers Association for Sustainable Coffee Production, farmers organizations from city and district level, several cooperatives and suppliers of drying technologies.

The workshop presented new opportunities for farmers to access to advanced post-harvest technology, which offers advanced features such as energy-saving and improving soil quality, through the loans offered by VnSat and to connect to potential buyers. Additionally, the Country Platform introduced the reporting tool and its pilot in Di Linh district Lam Dong Province. The participants also visited farmers who have used drying machines and shared experience with them on technical issues and costs for operation and maintenance. By the end of the workshop, many farmers showed great interest in those technologies and in seeking opportunities for financial support from VnSat. Noticeably, some outstanding farmers’ organizations have been selected for promoting further connection with GCP’s members for coffee purchase. The participants were also interested in the piloting of the reporting tools by GCP and wished to be engaged during the process.

A similar workshop took place in Lam Ha district, Lam Dong Province, to connect more farmers with drying machine enterprises and coffee buyers. VnSat and the Country Platform in Vietnam will continue working together to strengthen further this connection.

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