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GCP Baseline

GCP Baseline is a set of minimum sustainable production practices agreed on by the entire sector to be used as a global reference and integrated into national, company, and standard scheme policies and programs to reach all coffee producers and shift all coffee production and processing towards higher levels of sustainability.

Stakeholders can use GCP Baseline in a variety of ways:

  • Voluntary Standard Systems like Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade International or UTZ, can integrate GCP Baseline into their schemes by gaining equivalence.
  • Companies can integrate GCP Baseline into their private company initiatives or sourcing policies.
  • Governments can integrate and operationalize GCP Baseline into their national strategies and National Sustainability Curricula.
  • Other schemes such as Coffee Assurance Services can integrate GCP Baseline into their operations by gaining equivalence.


For further information on GCP Baseline, please visit the resources section. To learn more about the benefits and application process for equivalence, please contact our Program Manager, Juan Carlos Isaza, via email:

National Sustainability Curricula

A National Sustainability Curriculum is a document that aligns private and public stakeholders in a producing country on the biggest threats to production and the sustainable farming techniques that should be applied to address them. Endorsed by the national government, it serves as the foundation for practical field manuals focusing on sustainable farming techniques. 

Using GCP Baseline to underpin national sustainability curriculum helps producing countries build recognition for their compliance to an international sustainability standard and increases market access.