Global Agenda

The coffee sector is entering a new era where sustainability is a shared responsibility. With the aim to prevent duplication or short-term projects developed in isolation, the Global Coffee Platform believes that only through working together under a common vision and commitment will we see greater impact in the resilience and livelihoods of coffee farming communities around the world.

By engaging with all stakeholders in the coffee sector, whether small, medium or large, a global agenda is formed with farmers at its core. This global agenda is the voice of the coffee community and all members of the Global Coffee Platform can contribute, shape and participate in achieving this global vision. As a result, members of the Global Coffee Platform can:

  • Contribute to and harvest greater impact at farm level through aligned programs
  • Participate in strategy development and implementation 
  • Establish suitable finance mechanisms 
  • Showcase leadership in sustainability
  • Improve the effectiveness of sustainability programs 
  • Access field level projects
  • Engage in dialogue with the public sector