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Platform Maturity

We have begun to set up a series of criteria that contribute towards the aim of an independently functioning Country Platform. Sample criteria include having a proper secretariat and governance set-up, involving all stakeholders in the sector and having developed a National Sustainability Curriculum (NSC).

The idea of platform maturity does not rank platforms against each other, but looks at the components of a self-sufficient platform to assess strengths and which areas may need more support and focus. GCP can also connect platforms with each other to share best practices and learn.

Mature Country Platforms are also able to collect data to feed into the Sustainability Progress Framework and our thematic Collective Action Networks.

What is a Country Platform?

Country Platforms are locally owned structures which allow national and international, and public and private sector stakeholders to establish local priorities collectively act to tackle them.

Although the primary role of a Country Platform is to give a voice and influence to the stakeholders who are most affected by sustainability policies and programs, Country Platforms also provide a means for the global coffee community to more efficiently allocate their resources and ultimately achieve more meaningful impact.

The issues faced by smallholder coffee producers vary from country to country and sustainability efforts have often been overlapping or fragmented. Country Platforms enable tailored solutions to local issues and should be able to channel and direct resources effectively towards projects which avoid duplication

Benefits of Country Platforms

Through Country Platforms, members of the Global Coffee Platform can:

Public White

Closely cooperate with both public and private sector actors

Funding Resources White

Improve investability of their country

Achievement White

Act on the issues most important to their country


Gain insight into accredited research

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Connect with other producing country governments

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Exchange on learnings with other national platforms