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10 Mio

total coffee exports
(60kg bags)



sustainable sales
of total exports

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90 / 10

robusta vs. arabica
percentage of sales

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smallholder farmers


About the Platform

Country Platform: Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia (SCOPI)

The Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia (SCOPI) is a membership-based platform focused on sustainability development in Indonesia.

Established in 2015, it focuses on supporting and driving sustainability initiatives at farm level, developing and transferring technical expertise to farmers, advising on policy related to coffee production and sustainability.

Chair: GAEKI


  • Public sector: District Government of Ogan Komiring Ulu Selatan (OKUS)
  • Industry / trader / companies: Anomali Coffee, Sucafina, Nestlé Indonesia, Mayora, Javanero, Aneka Coffee Industry, Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), Nedcoffee Indonesia Makmur Jaya, Indocafco, My Kopi O!, Taman Delta Indonesia, Re Mark Asia, Olam Coffee, PT. Asal Jaya
  • Farmer organizations: GKT Lampung Barat, Kop. Murbeng Puntang, Kop. Gayo Mandiri, Kel. Tani Hujan Mas, Kop. Mitra Malabar
  • Research institutes: Institute Pertanian Bogor (Dept. Agribisnis FEM IPB)
  • National NGOs and associations: GAEKI (a national coffee-exporter association), SCAI, World Wide Fund for Nature Indonesia (WWF Indonesia)
  • Donors/international NGOs: VECO Vredeseilanden Indonesia (VECO Indonesia), Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), Hivos, SNV, Agriprofocus, Solidaridad, 4C Indonesia, HRNS, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, UTZ
  • Executive Board: GAEKI, Anomali, Sucafina, Nestlé, SCAI, IDH, VECO, SNV, HIVOS, GKT Lampung Barat, Kop. Murbeng Puntang, Mayora, OKUS
  • Supervisory Board: Javanero, Sydney University, Lampung University, ICCRI (Puslit Koka) coffee-sector members of the STP


Launching the National Sustainability Curricula (NSC) for Robusta coffee in Indonesia in May 2016 following a year of development with the direct support of the Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia (SCOPI).

Rolling out the Robusta National Sustainability Curriculum through Training of Trainers in South Sumatra and Lampung provinces. The training was attended by 123 selected master trainers consisting of government, private, and NGOs staff from 11 provinces.

Next Steps

The Indonesian Country Platform is working on the following priorities:

Strengthening the Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia

Developing a National Curriculum and Training Manual for Sustainable Arabica and Robusta Coffee

Ensuring synergy with government programs and Vision 2020

Synchronizing sustainability standards

Financial Literacy & Access to Finance

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